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Montebello & Whittier, CA


Therapist in Montebello, CA

Many people turn to a therapist for support and guidance. If you're looking for a caring professional in Montebello, CA, turn to the office of Tara A. Hernandez, LMFT to help you deal with a wide variety of issues.

She is a dedicated to her clients' satisfaction, which is why she provides a full suite of therapeutic services. Her office hours are as flexible as possible so that she can provide care according to your schedule. You can turn to her office for:

  • General therapy
  • Anxiety therapy
  • Depression therapy
  • Family therapy

When you are ready to speak with an attentive and detail-oriented therapist, the office of Tara A. Hernandez, LMFT is at your service. She will work to help her clients in Montebello and the surrounding areas find easy ways to improve their sense of health and well-being. Call Tara for your appointment.


Tara A. Hernandez, MA, LMFT